February 22, 1942

Washington's Birthday
Wrote home.
Went ashore.

February 21, 1942

Capt's inspection.
Moored to dock as before stayed aboard.

February 20, 1942

Moored as usual.
Embarked about 450 Navy men and 500 Marines.

February 19, 1942

Moored as before.

February 18, 1942


February 17, 1942

Alongside dock at San Diego.

February 16, 1942

Alongside dock at San Diego, Calif.

February 15, 1942

Moored alongside dock at the foot of Broadway San Diego.
Had duty so was aboard.
Just a couple C.P.O. and myself in the chiefs quarters.
First Sunday in port for a good while.

February 14, 1942

Moored to dock.
Cap'ts inspection, wrote home.

February 13, 1942

Moored to dock.

February 12, 1942

Nothing unusual.
Moored to dock as usual.

February 11, 1942

Moored as before mailed letter.

February 10, 1942

Moored alongside dock at #1 Pier at San Diego.
Nothing unusual.

February 9, 1942

Alongside dock at San Diego.
Loading supplies for some place yet unknown to us.
Possibly back to Hawaii for another load of evacuates.
Stayed aboard with about 5 other chief all the rest gone ashore.
Heard that the Normandie had burned up at the dock at New York.

February 8, 1942

Up at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Underway without an escort about 50 or 60 miles out of San Diego at 0600.
Point Loma in sight at 0830 and tied to #1 pier at the foot of Broadway San Diego.
Went ashore at 1700 and mail some mail and birthday cards.

February 7, 1942

Saturday night
Up at 0545.
General quarters 0600.
Underway without any escort and a lot of extra time to spend.
We did not rendezvous with new escort as per schedule and proceeded by ourselves.
Passing L.A. about 100 miles to sea about 2300.
Turned in 2300.
Passengers worried.

February 6, 1942

Up at 0545 and underway aboard the U.S.S. Crescent City, accompanied by U.S.S. Mississippi, the destroyers McDonough and the Flusser and the freighters Lykins and Custer.
Nice sunshine day and calm sea.
Nothing unusual today.
Turned in 2100.
Departed from Mississippi and our destroyer escort at 1900.

February 5, 1942

Up at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Rain and cold.
Convoy still zig zaging and under way as usual.
Should be about 800 miles from the mainland at 2000.
Turn in at 2100.

February 4, 1942

Up at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Underway enroute San Diego.
Made about 1300 miles good and about 1000 to go to San Diego.
We are still accompanied by U.S.S. Mississippi, U.S.S. McDonouger and U.S.S. Flusser and cargo ship John L. Lykens and the Custer.
Sea planes from Mississippi practice torpedo and dive bombing during day.
Everything quiet all day.
Wrote letter.

February 3, 1942

U.S.S. Crescent City enroute from Honolulu to San Diego.
General quarters at 0600.
General Routine at sea.
Report the Panamanian steamer San Gil torpedoed off coast of N.J.
She was moored alongside us at Mobile, Ala.
Set clocks 1 hour ahead, now 11 P.M. at home.
Turned in at 2100.

February 2, 1942

Ground Hog Day.
Up at 0545, general quarters 0600.
U.S.S. Mississippi joined convoy about 1100.
Passes a convoy west bound at 1200 which consisted of 18 ships and several destroyers.
Nothing of interest the rest of the day.
Wrote home.
Turned in at 2300.

February 1, 1942

Underway enroute San Diego very fine Sunday morning.
Plane drops 3 depth charges off our starboard about 3 or 4 miles don't know if it was a submarine or not.
Nothing unusual happened during day.
Wrote a letter to be mailed when we get in S.D.

January 31, 1942

Up at 0600.
Underway at 1300.
Passed the ruins of the five battleships.
Passed out of the channel escorted by 4 destroyers.
We were with two cargo carriers, the Caster and the John L. Lykins.
Two destroyers leave and our escort to San Diego will be the U.S.S. McDonough and U.S.S. Flusser.
Two destroyers drop back but sub contact was false.
Airplane spots submarine about 10 miles astern of us.
Turned in at 2100.

January 30, 1942

Up at 0600.
No unusual happenings so far today.
Loaded about 300 men, civilians, and about 150 women and children for passage to the mainland.
There were a number of civilian workers from Waki Island.
A number of them were crippled and one on a stretcher.
One coffin with a woman was placed in number one hold.
One woman tried to commit suicide did not want to leave her boyfriend.

January 29, 1942

Up at 0600.
Took boat over to Vestal for electrical equipment.
Ship still moored alongside dock at Pearl Harbor.
Nothing unusual, turned in at 2200.

January 28, 1942

Up at 0600.
Went over to Vestal and got some electrical stores at 0900.
Went over to Honolulu again today and mailed a lot of postal cards to people at home.
The island looks very war like as most of the military men and civilians carry gas masks and hundreds of armed army, navy and marine scattered around.
Sand bag barricades and air raid shelters are plentiful everywhere.
The latest estimates say that there was about 5000 casualties caused by the raid.
F.B.I. reported that about 30,000 rifles were seized the day the raid was made.
These were to be used by 5th Columnists when landings were affected from Jap transports.
Nothing unusual happened today.
Turn in 2200.