March 20, 1942

0600 General quarters as usual and underway enroute Tonga Tabora.
We are about half way there.
The position of our ship at 10:20 is 0000 latitude and 159 degrees 33 minutes west longitude.
This is usually a ceremonial event but there was no initiation on account of the pressing business we are engaged in.
The Cuyama hoisted the Jolly Rodger.
So far nothing of importance happened today.

March 19, 1942

Reveille at 0545 and general quarters at 0600.
Nice day at sea and no sight of a war out here.
Another submarine sound contact at 1805 but it must have been a large black fish.
Turned in at 2130 and slept on promonade deck.

March 18, 1942

General quarters 0555.
Underway enroute Tonga Tabau.
About 1800 had submarine sound contact and went to general quarters.
Secured shortly afterwards.
Turned in at about 2100.

March 17, 1942

Reveille at 0545
General quarters at 0600
Under way as before and accompanied by the same ships.
About 600 miles south of Honolulu.
Nothing of importance happened today, turned in at 2100.

March 16, 1942

Reveille at 0545.
General Quarters at 0600.
Getting pretty warm.
This convoy consists of U.S.S. Cuyama a tanker and the Caster and two escorts U.S.S. Helm and U.S.S. Henley.
Nothing unusual happened today.

March 15, 1942

Underway for Tonga Islands at 0800.
Sea fair and weather warm.
Nothing unusual.
Turned in at 2300.

March 14, 1942

Moored alongside of dock at Pearl Harbor.
Air raid alert sounded at 0930 secured at 1015.
Nothing happened.
Took about 1100 marines aboard for transportation to someplace in the east.
Turned in at 2300.

March 13, 1942

Moored to dock at Pearl Harbor.
Went ashore to Honolulu and returned at 5 oclock.

March 12, 1942

Alongside dock at Honolulu.
Went to movie at station.
Nothing unusual.

March 11, 1942

Still alongside dock at P.H. and loading equipment such as anti aircraft guns, radio towers, trucks, etc.
Nothing unusual today.

March 10, 1942

Alongside dock at P.H.
Wrote letters and cards.
Loading guns and a great deal of ammunition and equipment probably to set up a new base somewhere.

March 9, 1942

Catherine's Birthday
Sent Easter card from Honolulu Y.M.C.A.
Went to Waikiki beach and went over the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
Hotel now under navy for navy and army men.
Came back to ship at 5 PM.

March 8, 1942

Alongside dock, still loading.
Nothing unusual.

March 7, 1942

Alongside dock at P.H.
Loading supplies and amm. for some unknown port.
Had an alert which lasted an hour and half.
Went to Honolulu in the afternoon and was back at 5 PM.

March 6, 1942

Moored as usual.
No liberty.

March 5, 1942

Alongside dock at Pearl Harbor, nothing unusual.
No liberty for some reason.

March 4, 1942

Had air alarm at 0100.
Enemy plane dropped 3 bombs on Roosevelt High School in Honolulu.
Turned in again and up at 0600.
Moored alongside dock at Pearl Harbor.

March 3, 1942

Moored alongside dock at navy yard Pearl Harbor.
Went over to Honolulu by cab and sent birthday card to C.
Came back to ship at 5 o'clock and turned in at 10 o'clock.

March 2, 1942

Underway as usual and arrived at Pearl Harbor at 0355.
Unloaded sailor and marine passengers.
Turned in at 2300.
Wrote letter.

March 1, 1942

Underway as usual.
Fire quarter was sounded at 0100 and lost about an hours sleep. Fire was in #3 hold and was caused by an overheated motor.

February 28, 1942

Up at 0545.
General Quarters at 0600.
Formation of unidentified planes pass about 500' overhead and were fired upon by several ships.
Later the same planes caused an alert to be sounded at Pearl Harbor.
Sea was very calm and nothing unusual happened the rest of the day.

February 27, 1942

Up at 0600.
General Quarters at 0615.
Nice weather.
Underway as usual with 6 cargo ships and a cruiser and two destroyers.
Nothing unusual.

February 26, 1942

Reveille at 0600.
General Quarters at 0615.
Showers and swells.
Nothing unusual.

February 25, 1942

Reveille at 0600.
Gen. Quarters at 0615.
Underway with 10 ship convoy.
Weather fair.
Turned in 2200.

February 24, 1942

Underway enroute Pearl Harbor escorted by U.S.S. Obrien, the Case, and U.S.S. Detroit.
New convoy was picked up, Pres. Hay, U.S.S. Hercules, Caster, Pres. Monroe, Callumeres, which made a ten ship convoy. This convoy was picked up off San Fran-
1800 General Quarters sound contact with a suppose to be submarine.
Turned in 2200.

February 23, 1942

Underway at 0800 accompanied by the S.S. Joe Lykes and the Pres. Hays. and escorted by U.S.S. Obrien and U.S.S. Kilty. Turned in 2100.
Passed 90 miles off Santa Barbara which was shelled by Jap submarines.
Seen flashes which may have been gun flashes from them.