June 14, 1942

Stayed aboard as I had the duty.

June 13, 1942

Up at 0100 and boats exercises for the marines.
Back in S.D. harbor at 1500 and ashore at 1700 and saw the family.
Came aboard Sunday.

June 12, 1942

At anchor and at 1000 underway accompanied by Pres. Jackson, Pres. Adams, President Hay and a destroyer, two Eagle Boats.
The air patrol consisted of a blimp and many airplanes.
We proceed to sea for scheduled exercises to be held during the night.

June 11, 1942

Usual routine and went ashore at 1600 and saw the family.
Came back 0800 in the am.

June 10, 1942

Our ship left dock and anchored in stream.
Had duty stayed aboard.
Also boat landing exercises at 0100, but did not get up until 0400.

June 9, 1942

Went ashore and met Catherine, Sonny and Grace and went to the hotel and got new rooms.
Went back to ship at 0800 in the morning.

June 8, 1942

Had the duty stayed aboard.

June 7, 1942

Went ashore at 1200 and met Catherine, Sonny and Grace and it seem a different life.

June 6, 1942

Capt. inspection
Catherine, Grace & Sonny came to S.D. Also Mrs. Conts.
Took room in Maryland Hotel.

June 3, 1942

Got word that the family was starting west and was very glad.