May 30, 1942

Memorial Day and boat landing exercises.
Good dinner at night.

May 29, 1942

Usual routine

May 28, 1942

Usual routine

May 27, 1942

Usual routine

May 26, 1942

Usual routine

May 25, 1942

Usual routine

May 24, 1942

Duty so stayed aboard.

May 23, 1942

Captain's inspection.
Over to S.D. in afternoon.

May 22, 1942

General routine.
Applied and received transportation for C., Sonny & Grace.
P.M. went to Destroyer Base for gas mask instruction.

May 21, 1942

General routine.

May 20, 1942

Moored to dock and general routine.

May 19, 1942

Up at 0130 and still underway.
Went into cond. 1A and unload marines and their equipment at La Jolla which finishes up the exercises for this combat team.
At 1500 underway for E. St. Pier and at 1930 moored to same.
Went ashore at 2000 and back at 2400.

May 18, 1942

At anchor off North Island and general routine until 1845.
At 1845 underway and out to sea for a 24 hr. run and landing exercises.

May 17, 1942

Went ashore and back at 10 o'clock.

May 16, 1942

Did not get up until 0730
General routine until 1130 and then ate lunch
Wrote letter in afternoon.
Cruiser San Diego came to anchor at 1500.

May 15, 1942

At anchor in San Diego harbor
General work routine until 1 hour after sunset and went in condition 1-A.
Troops made night landing at North Island.
Secured at 0135 and turned in.

May 14, 1942

Heard the U.S.S. Sims and U.S.S. Neosho were lost in the east.
Neosho was with our convoy to Pearl Harbor in January.
Lindsay was on Sims last time I heard from him.
One year since we were call in for service.

May 12, 1942


May 11, 1942

Up early and outside San Diego for landing drill.

May 10, 1942

Had duty and worked most of the day.

May 9, 1942

Underway for drill grounds at 0800 and held boat exercises.
Back in and anchored at 1500 off North Island.

May 8, 1942

Underway at 0800 and run out to drill grounds where landing exercises were held.
In and anchored at 1630.

May 7, 1942

Anchored off North Island
Landing exercises for the marines and boat crews.
Regular routine for us.

May 6, 1942

Anchored off North Island.
Landing exercises were held all day for marine training.
Had duty so stayed aboard.
Turned in 2400.

May 5, 1942

Alongside dock until 1300 and then moved in to the stream and anchored at the upper end of North Island.
Went to town on 8:30 boat and back at 2400.

May 4, 1942

Up at 0630 and underway at 0800.
Moved from Destroyer base to Broadway Pier.
Loaded marines and equipment.

May 3, 1942

Went ashore took in show "the invader" came back at 12:00.

May 2, 1942

At destroyer base went ashore at 5:30 and come home at 12:00.
G.Q. at 3:30.

May 1, 1942

Alongside at D.B.
Stay aboard had duty and wrote letter.

April 30, 1942

Alongside dock at D.B.
Over town with C.B.M. Gillighan and back at 12:00.

April 29, 1942

At D.B. and still at it.
Went over to S.D. and back at 11:30.

April 28, 1942

Up at 0600 and still moored to dock at Destroyer base.
Busy with new jobs.
Had fire in #4 hold linen and etc. slightly burned.
Secured hour and half later at 5:30.
Had duty stayed aboard.

April 27, 1942

Moored to dock and a lot of work going on by civilian working men.

April 26, 1942

Up at 0630
U.S.S. Crescent City moored to dock at D.B. at S.D.
Went ashore and back at 11:00 o'clock.

April 25, 1942

Up at 0630 and aboard U.S.S. Crescent City docked at destroyer base S.D. and ship is having an overhaul period.
No mail coming aboard.
Wrote a letter home.

April 24, 1942

Still moored to dock at D.S. at S.D.
Went ashore at 5:30 and back at 11:00

April 23, 1942

Moored to dock at destroyer base.
Went over to S.D. and bot a few supplies.
Came back at 11:00 and turned in.
Wrote home.

April 22, 1942

Up at 0415 and about 30 miles to go.
Moored to dock at Destroyer Base San Diego at 0835.
Stay aboard as I had the duty.
Very sorry about Sonny having been sick but was glad to hear that he was well again.
Wrote home and turned in early.

April 21, 1942

Up at 0515 and general quarters at 0530.
Patrol plane a PBY pick us up at about 1100.
Should be in S.D. about 0830 in the morning.
Turned in at 2100.

April 20, 1942

Up at 0520 and underway as before.
At 1000 U.S.S. Caster departed to our port and was on her way to San Francisco.
The weather is pretty cool and we need blankets to sleep.
We are about 27 degrees N. and about 450 miles out of San Diego.
Tired and turned in at 2100.

April 19, 1942

Up at 530 and underway as before.
Nothing unusual happened today.
At 1700 our position was 127 degrees W. and 22 degrees N. and about 700 miles to S.D.

April 18, 1942

Up at 530 and general quarters at 0600.
Regular routine at sea.
Our position is 18 degrees N. and 128 degrees W. at 1800
Have about 1000 miles to go.
Anticipating of getting a lot of mail and hoping all is well at home.
Four months since I saw Sonny and Catherine.
Turned in at 2100.

April 17, 1942

Up at 530 and still underway aboard the Crescent City and accompanied by the Caster.
We are still bucking a stiff head wind which makes the ship pitch and roll a bit.
We should be about 1300 miles from S.D. and about 134 degrees W and 13 degrees N.
No alarms for the last couple of days.
Turned in at 2100.

April 16, 1942

Up at 0530 and general quarters as usual.
Sea quite heavy but ship is riding very nicely.
At 2000 to-night we are 10 degrees N. and 135 degrees W.
Weather is getting comfortable for sleeping.
Turn in about 2100.

April 15, 1942

and underway aboard U.S.S. Crescent City enroute San Diego.
Weather getting a little cooler and about 5 degrees N. of equator at 2000.
Underway better than 7 days and about 8 days more to go and 2000 more miles.
Two months since I have heard from home.
Everything is quiet and we are running without any escort.

April 14, 1942

Underway as usual.
Crossed equator at 0657 at 145 degrees 41 minutes W.

April 13, 1942

Up at 0513 and general quarters.
Underway accompanied by U.S.S. Caster.
It is 2000 and we are about 148 degrees W. and 3 degrees 30 minutes S. and should go over the equator at about 0600 in the morning.
The day is very nice and temperature about 90 degrees.

April 12, 1942

Up at 0530 and general quarters as usual.
Holiday routine after 1300 and a hot afternoon.
Tonight at 2000 we are 7 degrees 30 minutes S. and 153 degrees W.
We are about 1800 miles from Suva.

April 11, 1942

Up at 0530 and under way with U.S.S. Caster.
Sea is glassy and all is quiet.
It is 2100 now and our position is 10 degrees 45 minutes S. and 156 degrees W. and the trip is getting to be tiresome.
Have not heard from home since Feb. 15 and am wondering how everything is there.

April 10, 1942

Up at 0530 general quarters and underway enroute San Diego as before and accompanied by U.S.S. Caster and U.S.S. Henley
Field day Had submarine alert at 1500 and secured at about 1530.
Henley dropped 6 cans and claims oil spots on surface.
At 1930 U.S.S. Henley departed from convoy and it looks as though we go to Diego without an escort.
Turned in at 2100.