June 14, 1942

Stayed aboard as I had the duty.

June 13, 1942

Up at 0100 and boats exercises for the marines.
Back in S.D. harbor at 1500 and ashore at 1700 and saw the family.
Came aboard Sunday.

June 12, 1942

At anchor and at 1000 underway accompanied by Pres. Jackson, Pres. Adams, President Hay and a destroyer, two Eagle Boats.
The air patrol consisted of a blimp and many airplanes.
We proceed to sea for scheduled exercises to be held during the night.

June 11, 1942

Usual routine and went ashore at 1600 and saw the family.
Came back 0800 in the am.

June 10, 1942

Our ship left dock and anchored in stream.
Had duty stayed aboard.
Also boat landing exercises at 0100, but did not get up until 0400.

June 9, 1942

Went ashore and met Catherine, Sonny and Grace and went to the hotel and got new rooms.
Went back to ship at 0800 in the morning.

June 8, 1942

Had the duty stayed aboard.

June 7, 1942

Went ashore at 1200 and met Catherine, Sonny and Grace and it seem a different life.

June 6, 1942

Capt. inspection
Catherine, Grace & Sonny came to S.D. Also Mrs. Conts.
Took room in Maryland Hotel.

June 3, 1942

Got word that the family was starting west and was very glad.

May 30, 1942

Memorial Day and boat landing exercises.
Good dinner at night.

May 29, 1942

Usual routine

May 28, 1942

Usual routine

May 27, 1942

Usual routine

May 26, 1942

Usual routine

May 25, 1942

Usual routine

May 24, 1942

Duty so stayed aboard.

May 23, 1942

Captain's inspection.
Over to S.D. in afternoon.

May 22, 1942

General routine.
Applied and received transportation for C., Sonny & Grace.
P.M. went to Destroyer Base for gas mask instruction.

May 21, 1942

General routine.

May 20, 1942

Moored to dock and general routine.

May 19, 1942

Up at 0130 and still underway.
Went into cond. 1A and unload marines and their equipment at La Jolla which finishes up the exercises for this combat team.
At 1500 underway for E. St. Pier and at 1930 moored to same.
Went ashore at 2000 and back at 2400.

May 18, 1942

At anchor off North Island and general routine until 1845.
At 1845 underway and out to sea for a 24 hr. run and landing exercises.

May 17, 1942

Went ashore and back at 10 o'clock.

May 16, 1942

Did not get up until 0730
General routine until 1130 and then ate lunch
Wrote letter in afternoon.
Cruiser San Diego came to anchor at 1500.

May 15, 1942

At anchor in San Diego harbor
General work routine until 1 hour after sunset and went in condition 1-A.
Troops made night landing at North Island.
Secured at 0135 and turned in.

May 14, 1942

Heard the U.S.S. Sims and U.S.S. Neosho were lost in the east.
Neosho was with our convoy to Pearl Harbor in January.
Lindsay was on Sims last time I heard from him.
One year since we were call in for service.

May 12, 1942


May 11, 1942

Up early and outside San Diego for landing drill.

May 10, 1942

Had duty and worked most of the day.

May 9, 1942

Underway for drill grounds at 0800 and held boat exercises.
Back in and anchored at 1500 off North Island.

May 8, 1942

Underway at 0800 and run out to drill grounds where landing exercises were held.
In and anchored at 1630.

May 7, 1942

Anchored off North Island
Landing exercises for the marines and boat crews.
Regular routine for us.

May 6, 1942

Anchored off North Island.
Landing exercises were held all day for marine training.
Had duty so stayed aboard.
Turned in 2400.

May 5, 1942

Alongside dock until 1300 and then moved in to the stream and anchored at the upper end of North Island.
Went to town on 8:30 boat and back at 2400.

May 4, 1942

Up at 0630 and underway at 0800.
Moved from Destroyer base to Broadway Pier.
Loaded marines and equipment.

May 3, 1942

Went ashore took in show "the invader" came back at 12:00.

May 2, 1942

At destroyer base went ashore at 5:30 and come home at 12:00.
G.Q. at 3:30.

May 1, 1942

Alongside at D.B.
Stay aboard had duty and wrote letter.

April 30, 1942

Alongside dock at D.B.
Over town with C.B.M. Gillighan and back at 12:00.

April 29, 1942

At D.B. and still at it.
Went over to S.D. and back at 11:30.

April 28, 1942

Up at 0600 and still moored to dock at Destroyer base.
Busy with new jobs.
Had fire in #4 hold linen and etc. slightly burned.
Secured hour and half later at 5:30.
Had duty stayed aboard.

April 27, 1942

Moored to dock and a lot of work going on by civilian working men.

April 26, 1942

Up at 0630
U.S.S. Crescent City moored to dock at D.B. at S.D.
Went ashore and back at 11:00 o'clock.

April 25, 1942

Up at 0630 and aboard U.S.S. Crescent City docked at destroyer base S.D. and ship is having an overhaul period.
No mail coming aboard.
Wrote a letter home.

April 24, 1942

Still moored to dock at D.S. at S.D.
Went ashore at 5:30 and back at 11:00

April 23, 1942

Moored to dock at destroyer base.
Went over to S.D. and bot a few supplies.
Came back at 11:00 and turned in.
Wrote home.

April 22, 1942

Up at 0415 and about 30 miles to go.
Moored to dock at Destroyer Base San Diego at 0835.
Stay aboard as I had the duty.
Very sorry about Sonny having been sick but was glad to hear that he was well again.
Wrote home and turned in early.

April 21, 1942

Up at 0515 and general quarters at 0530.
Patrol plane a PBY pick us up at about 1100.
Should be in S.D. about 0830 in the morning.
Turned in at 2100.

April 20, 1942

Up at 0520 and underway as before.
At 1000 U.S.S. Caster departed to our port and was on her way to San Francisco.
The weather is pretty cool and we need blankets to sleep.
We are about 27 degrees N. and about 450 miles out of San Diego.
Tired and turned in at 2100.

April 19, 1942

Up at 530 and underway as before.
Nothing unusual happened today.
At 1700 our position was 127 degrees W. and 22 degrees N. and about 700 miles to S.D.

April 18, 1942

Up at 530 and general quarters at 0600.
Regular routine at sea.
Our position is 18 degrees N. and 128 degrees W. at 1800
Have about 1000 miles to go.
Anticipating of getting a lot of mail and hoping all is well at home.
Four months since I saw Sonny and Catherine.
Turned in at 2100.

April 17, 1942

Up at 530 and still underway aboard the Crescent City and accompanied by the Caster.
We are still bucking a stiff head wind which makes the ship pitch and roll a bit.
We should be about 1300 miles from S.D. and about 134 degrees W and 13 degrees N.
No alarms for the last couple of days.
Turned in at 2100.

April 16, 1942

Up at 0530 and general quarters as usual.
Sea quite heavy but ship is riding very nicely.
At 2000 to-night we are 10 degrees N. and 135 degrees W.
Weather is getting comfortable for sleeping.
Turn in about 2100.

April 15, 1942

and underway aboard U.S.S. Crescent City enroute San Diego.
Weather getting a little cooler and about 5 degrees N. of equator at 2000.
Underway better than 7 days and about 8 days more to go and 2000 more miles.
Two months since I have heard from home.
Everything is quiet and we are running without any escort.

April 14, 1942

Underway as usual.
Crossed equator at 0657 at 145 degrees 41 minutes W.

April 13, 1942

Up at 0513 and general quarters.
Underway accompanied by U.S.S. Caster.
It is 2000 and we are about 148 degrees W. and 3 degrees 30 minutes S. and should go over the equator at about 0600 in the morning.
The day is very nice and temperature about 90 degrees.

April 12, 1942

Up at 0530 and general quarters as usual.
Holiday routine after 1300 and a hot afternoon.
Tonight at 2000 we are 7 degrees 30 minutes S. and 153 degrees W.
We are about 1800 miles from Suva.

April 11, 1942

Up at 0530 and under way with U.S.S. Caster.
Sea is glassy and all is quiet.
It is 2100 now and our position is 10 degrees 45 minutes S. and 156 degrees W. and the trip is getting to be tiresome.
Have not heard from home since Feb. 15 and am wondering how everything is there.

April 10, 1942

Up at 0530 general quarters and underway enroute San Diego as before and accompanied by U.S.S. Caster and U.S.S. Henley
Field day Had submarine alert at 1500 and secured at about 1530.
Henley dropped 6 cans and claims oil spots on surface.
At 1930 U.S.S. Henley departed from convoy and it looks as though we go to Diego without an escort.
Turned in at 2100.

April 9, 1942

Up at 515 and general quarters at 530.
Nice day but warm.
Had alert at 1700 and had to leave supper.
Alert lasted 1/2 hour and back to supper.
Turn in at 2100.

April 8, 1942

Up at 0530 and general quarters at 0545.
Well I have two birthdays, one yesterday and one today.
Still underway and about 350 miles out of Suva.
Turned in at 2100 but a general quarters at 2130 which lasted for half hour.
Contact may have been a black fish or sub.

April 8, 1942

Up at 0630.
Underway at 1300 for San Diego.
April 8 my birthday.
Past thru the Fiji islands until sunset.
The Caster, the Henley, and the Crescent City comprised the convoy.
Crossed over the international date line at 2220 which set the clocks back to the next day.
Turned in 2300.

April 7, 1942

Up at 0630 and went ashore again and bot some more things.
Came back at 1800 and turned in at 2000.

April 6, 1942

Up at 0500 and general quarters at 0515.
Today is Easter back home.
Anchored in Suva Harbor at 1157.
Went ashore and bot a few souvenirs and back at 1900.
The stores do not seem to be very much to us.

April 5, 1942

Up at 0500 and general quarters at 0530.
Today is Easter and it dont seem very much like Easter.
Still underway for Suva and a nice day with nothing unusual happening.

April 4, 1942

Up at 0600 and underway at 1130 for Suva Fiji Island.
The U.S.S. Caster was also with us and one destroyer.
The weather was good and nothing happened.

April 3, 1942

Good Friday
Up at 0600.
Took a walk in the town which is not much of a town to me.
Saw several Australian soldiers but mostly natives and a few Chinese.
The marines were setting up the equipment that we brought over.
Glad that we did not have to stay here.
The rainy season evidently must be starting as the showers are quite frequent.
The bottom of the bay is made of coral and you can see 25 or 30 as the water is crystal clear.
Bot some postage stamps and a few cards.
The stores are very small and they sell only useless items as far as souvenirs are concerned.

April 2, 1942

Still at anchor at Fila.
Just another warm day and nothing of any importance has happened.
So far up to this time and beginning at Mobile we have traveled 18,764 miles.
We have traveled 10,701 since we left Panama on Jan. 1st.

April 1, 1942

Up at 0600 aboard the U.S.S> Crescent City anchored in the harbor at Fila, New Hebrides Islands.
Was over to the makeshift docks for a while and took a look around.
So far to-day nothing has happened and it looks as though we may get everything ashore before the Japs get wise to us.

March 31, 1942

At anchor and still unloading.
The day is hot and the night is clear and a new moon.
Everything is quiet so far so I guess no one knows we are here yet.

March 30, 1942

Up at 0600.
At anchor in Efate harbor and getting a good start at unloading.
Nothing unusual.

March 29, 1942

Up at 0445 and general quarters at 0500.
Anchored at 1105 at the Island of Efate in the New Hebrides.
Started unloading anti aircraft guns, etc.
Very nice harbor and a few houses which look very nice with red roofs and clean
There is a number of natives with their canoes around the harbor.

March 28, 1942

Up at 0500 and general quarters at 0530.
General quarters again at 1000 and it proved to be another escort.
It consisted of two American destroyers the Perkins and the U.S.S. Chicago, the H.M.S. Australia, H.M.S. Archilles, H.M.N.J.S. Leander.
If everything goes well we should be in Efati to-morrow at noon.
Our own convoy still is intact and consists of the U.S.S. Crescent City, U.S.S. Caster, U.S.S. Cuyama and two destroyers the U.S.S. Henley and the U.S.S. Helm.

March 27, 1942

Up at 0530 and general quarters as usual.
Yesterday was Wednesday and to-day is Friday.
So far today nothing much has happened.
A plane, a Lockheed Hudson patrolled near us and it proved to be a friendly plane of the United Nations.
At 8:30 in the evening we had a sound alert and the Henaley dropped two depth charges.
Turned in at 2200.

March 26, 1942

We crossed 180 Meridian at 2400 so we missed Thursday and to-day is Friday.

March 25, 1942

Up at 0530 and general quarters as usual.
The weather is very warm.
Today at noon we were 14 degrees 36 minutes south and 178 degrees 39 minutes and we should cross the international date line at 0100 and to-morrow is Friday.
So far to-day nothing has happened.
We are about a hundred miles north of the Fiji Islands.
We passed about 40 or 50 miles north of Horne Island and the mountains could be seen in the distance.
It was the first land since we left Hawaii.

March 24, 1942

Up at 0530 and under way as before.
The Henly held funeral services for a seaman who died yesterday and he was buried at 1130.
It has been another hot day.
We are 13 degrees South and 174 degrees 30 minutes and the depth is 1300 fathoms.
Turned in at 2030.
Up again at 1930 for general quarters.
Destroyer drop 4 or 5 depth charges on a supposed submarine.
Secured and turned in at 2230.

March 23, 1942

Up at 0530 and general quarters as usual.
Rain all day.
Had a submarine sound contact at dinner time and left dinner for a half hour.
An another submarine was reported sighted at about1930 and we went to general quarters the 3rd time today.
Turned in at 2100 and it sure was warm.
We are now about 100 miles north of Samoa.

March 22, 1942

Up at 05:35 and underway as usual.
Weather too hot nothing unusual so far.
Will change that nothing unusual as we had an alert at 1800.
Turned in at 2000 and slept on topside.

March 21, 1942

Up at 05:30 and under way as usual.
Our destination was changed and now we are on a course to Fila in the New Hebrides Islands.
The weather is very warm and no wind and we are evidently in the tropical doldrums.
So far to-day everything is quiet and we are carrying out our daily routine.
About 1800 had an alarm which lasted about 1/2 hour.
One destroyer dropped a depth bomb.
Turned in at 2100.

March 20, 1942

0600 General quarters as usual and underway enroute Tonga Tabora.
We are about half way there.
The position of our ship at 10:20 is 0000 latitude and 159 degrees 33 minutes west longitude.
This is usually a ceremonial event but there was no initiation on account of the pressing business we are engaged in.
The Cuyama hoisted the Jolly Rodger.
So far nothing of importance happened today.

March 19, 1942

Reveille at 0545 and general quarters at 0600.
Nice day at sea and no sight of a war out here.
Another submarine sound contact at 1805 but it must have been a large black fish.
Turned in at 2130 and slept on promonade deck.

March 18, 1942

General quarters 0555.
Underway enroute Tonga Tabau.
About 1800 had submarine sound contact and went to general quarters.
Secured shortly afterwards.
Turned in at about 2100.

March 17, 1942

Reveille at 0545
General quarters at 0600
Under way as before and accompanied by the same ships.
About 600 miles south of Honolulu.
Nothing of importance happened today, turned in at 2100.

March 16, 1942

Reveille at 0545.
General Quarters at 0600.
Getting pretty warm.
This convoy consists of U.S.S. Cuyama a tanker and the Caster and two escorts U.S.S. Helm and U.S.S. Henley.
Nothing unusual happened today.

March 15, 1942

Underway for Tonga Islands at 0800.
Sea fair and weather warm.
Nothing unusual.
Turned in at 2300.

March 14, 1942

Moored alongside of dock at Pearl Harbor.
Air raid alert sounded at 0930 secured at 1015.
Nothing happened.
Took about 1100 marines aboard for transportation to someplace in the east.
Turned in at 2300.

March 13, 1942

Moored to dock at Pearl Harbor.
Went ashore to Honolulu and returned at 5 oclock.

March 12, 1942

Alongside dock at Honolulu.
Went to movie at station.
Nothing unusual.

March 11, 1942

Still alongside dock at P.H. and loading equipment such as anti aircraft guns, radio towers, trucks, etc.
Nothing unusual today.

March 10, 1942

Alongside dock at P.H.
Wrote letters and cards.
Loading guns and a great deal of ammunition and equipment probably to set up a new base somewhere.

March 9, 1942

Catherine's Birthday
Sent Easter card from Honolulu Y.M.C.A.
Went to Waikiki beach and went over the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
Hotel now under navy for navy and army men.
Came back to ship at 5 PM.

March 8, 1942

Alongside dock, still loading.
Nothing unusual.

March 7, 1942

Alongside dock at P.H.
Loading supplies and amm. for some unknown port.
Had an alert which lasted an hour and half.
Went to Honolulu in the afternoon and was back at 5 PM.

March 6, 1942

Moored as usual.
No liberty.

March 5, 1942

Alongside dock at Pearl Harbor, nothing unusual.
No liberty for some reason.

March 4, 1942

Had air alarm at 0100.
Enemy plane dropped 3 bombs on Roosevelt High School in Honolulu.
Turned in again and up at 0600.
Moored alongside dock at Pearl Harbor.

March 3, 1942

Moored alongside dock at navy yard Pearl Harbor.
Went over to Honolulu by cab and sent birthday card to C.
Came back to ship at 5 o'clock and turned in at 10 o'clock.

March 2, 1942

Underway as usual and arrived at Pearl Harbor at 0355.
Unloaded sailor and marine passengers.
Turned in at 2300.
Wrote letter.

March 1, 1942

Underway as usual.
Fire quarter was sounded at 0100 and lost about an hours sleep. Fire was in #3 hold and was caused by an overheated motor.

February 28, 1942

Up at 0545.
General Quarters at 0600.
Formation of unidentified planes pass about 500' overhead and were fired upon by several ships.
Later the same planes caused an alert to be sounded at Pearl Harbor.
Sea was very calm and nothing unusual happened the rest of the day.

February 27, 1942

Up at 0600.
General Quarters at 0615.
Nice weather.
Underway as usual with 6 cargo ships and a cruiser and two destroyers.
Nothing unusual.

February 26, 1942

Reveille at 0600.
General Quarters at 0615.
Showers and swells.
Nothing unusual.

February 25, 1942

Reveille at 0600.
Gen. Quarters at 0615.
Underway with 10 ship convoy.
Weather fair.
Turned in 2200.

February 24, 1942

Underway enroute Pearl Harbor escorted by U.S.S. Obrien, the Case, and U.S.S. Detroit.
New convoy was picked up, Pres. Hay, U.S.S. Hercules, Caster, Pres. Monroe, Callumeres, which made a ten ship convoy. This convoy was picked up off San Fran-
1800 General Quarters sound contact with a suppose to be submarine.
Turned in 2200.

February 23, 1942

Underway at 0800 accompanied by the S.S. Joe Lykes and the Pres. Hays. and escorted by U.S.S. Obrien and U.S.S. Kilty. Turned in 2100.
Passed 90 miles off Santa Barbara which was shelled by Jap submarines.
Seen flashes which may have been gun flashes from them.

February 22, 1942

Washington's Birthday
Wrote home.
Went ashore.

February 21, 1942

Capt's inspection.
Moored to dock as before stayed aboard.

February 20, 1942

Moored as usual.
Embarked about 450 Navy men and 500 Marines.

February 19, 1942

Moored as before.

February 18, 1942


February 17, 1942

Alongside dock at San Diego.

February 16, 1942

Alongside dock at San Diego, Calif.

February 15, 1942

Moored alongside dock at the foot of Broadway San Diego.
Had duty so was aboard.
Just a couple C.P.O. and myself in the chiefs quarters.
First Sunday in port for a good while.

February 14, 1942

Moored to dock.
Cap'ts inspection, wrote home.

February 13, 1942

Moored to dock.

February 12, 1942

Nothing unusual.
Moored to dock as usual.

February 11, 1942

Moored as before mailed letter.

February 10, 1942

Moored alongside dock at #1 Pier at San Diego.
Nothing unusual.

February 9, 1942

Alongside dock at San Diego.
Loading supplies for some place yet unknown to us.
Possibly back to Hawaii for another load of evacuates.
Stayed aboard with about 5 other chief all the rest gone ashore.
Heard that the Normandie had burned up at the dock at New York.

February 8, 1942

Up at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Underway without an escort about 50 or 60 miles out of San Diego at 0600.
Point Loma in sight at 0830 and tied to #1 pier at the foot of Broadway San Diego.
Went ashore at 1700 and mail some mail and birthday cards.

February 7, 1942

Saturday night
Up at 0545.
General quarters 0600.
Underway without any escort and a lot of extra time to spend.
We did not rendezvous with new escort as per schedule and proceeded by ourselves.
Passing L.A. about 100 miles to sea about 2300.
Turned in 2300.
Passengers worried.

February 6, 1942

Up at 0545 and underway aboard the U.S.S. Crescent City, accompanied by U.S.S. Mississippi, the destroyers McDonough and the Flusser and the freighters Lykins and Custer.
Nice sunshine day and calm sea.
Nothing unusual today.
Turned in 2100.
Departed from Mississippi and our destroyer escort at 1900.

February 5, 1942

Up at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Rain and cold.
Convoy still zig zaging and under way as usual.
Should be about 800 miles from the mainland at 2000.
Turn in at 2100.

February 4, 1942

Up at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Underway enroute San Diego.
Made about 1300 miles good and about 1000 to go to San Diego.
We are still accompanied by U.S.S. Mississippi, U.S.S. McDonouger and U.S.S. Flusser and cargo ship John L. Lykens and the Custer.
Sea planes from Mississippi practice torpedo and dive bombing during day.
Everything quiet all day.
Wrote letter.

February 3, 1942

U.S.S. Crescent City enroute from Honolulu to San Diego.
General quarters at 0600.
General Routine at sea.
Report the Panamanian steamer San Gil torpedoed off coast of N.J.
She was moored alongside us at Mobile, Ala.
Set clocks 1 hour ahead, now 11 P.M. at home.
Turned in at 2100.

February 2, 1942

Ground Hog Day.
Up at 0545, general quarters 0600.
U.S.S. Mississippi joined convoy about 1100.
Passes a convoy west bound at 1200 which consisted of 18 ships and several destroyers.
Nothing of interest the rest of the day.
Wrote home.
Turned in at 2300.

February 1, 1942

Underway enroute San Diego very fine Sunday morning.
Plane drops 3 depth charges off our starboard about 3 or 4 miles don't know if it was a submarine or not.
Nothing unusual happened during day.
Wrote a letter to be mailed when we get in S.D.

January 31, 1942

Up at 0600.
Underway at 1300.
Passed the ruins of the five battleships.
Passed out of the channel escorted by 4 destroyers.
We were with two cargo carriers, the Caster and the John L. Lykins.
Two destroyers leave and our escort to San Diego will be the U.S.S. McDonough and U.S.S. Flusser.
Two destroyers drop back but sub contact was false.
Airplane spots submarine about 10 miles astern of us.
Turned in at 2100.

January 30, 1942

Up at 0600.
No unusual happenings so far today.
Loaded about 300 men, civilians, and about 150 women and children for passage to the mainland.
There were a number of civilian workers from Waki Island.
A number of them were crippled and one on a stretcher.
One coffin with a woman was placed in number one hold.
One woman tried to commit suicide did not want to leave her boyfriend.

January 29, 1942

Up at 0600.
Took boat over to Vestal for electrical equipment.
Ship still moored alongside dock at Pearl Harbor.
Nothing unusual, turned in at 2200.

January 28, 1942

Up at 0600.
Went over to Vestal and got some electrical stores at 0900.
Went over to Honolulu again today and mailed a lot of postal cards to people at home.
The island looks very war like as most of the military men and civilians carry gas masks and hundreds of armed army, navy and marine scattered around.
Sand bag barricades and air raid shelters are plentiful everywhere.
The latest estimates say that there was about 5000 casualties caused by the raid.
F.B.I. reported that about 30,000 rifles were seized the day the raid was made.
These were to be used by 5th Columnists when landings were affected from Jap transports.
Nothing unusual happened today.
Turn in 2200.

January 27, 1942

Alongside dock at Pearl Harbor.
Up at 0600, had duty so stayed aboard.
Daily routine.
Turn in at 2300 but had to get up at 0100 start compass and ship stood by to get underway.
Submarine nets were cut and a sub was reported in harbor.
PT boats drop around 50 ash cans and sub was reported destroyed.
Secured at 0230 and turned in again at 0330.

January 26, 1942


Two more cruisers were sank Dec. 7.
Picked up corpse astern of us.
Saw a Jap 3 man submarine was about 75' or 80' in length.
Heard plenty of storys about raid.
Went over to Honolulu at 1200 and returned at 1700.
Bot some souvenirs.
Had an air raid alert but nothing happened.
Many bodies still in ships and many are found every day.
Submarine Narwhal and Nautalus tied opposite us.
C.P.O. from U.S.S. Neches ate dinner with us.
Wrote letter and cards home.

January 25, 1942

General quarters at 0600.
General quarters at 0800.
Submarine periscope reported sighted.
Might have been a black fish.
Secured at 0830.
Two new destroyers U.S.S. Zane and U.S.S. Wasman join convoy and escort convoy thru mine field, aerial patrol overhead look like B-18 army patrol bombers.
Island of Oahu sighted and island of Molakai.
Passed thru channel to Navy yard.
Great havoc caused by the Japs when they raided Pearl Harbor was seen on all sides.
Army hangers were under re-construction.
Bow was a destroyer was on bank.
The Nevada, Oklahoma, the West Virginia, the California were lying half submerged.
The Arizona was sank outside of the channel and was burned badly.
The Saratoga was in drydock having been hit.
Several Tin cans were tied together apparently having been hit.
U.S.S. Crescent City tied up to dock at Navy Yard.

January 24, 1942

Underway as before.
Up at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
General quarters at 1800.
U.S.S. Caster reports sub.
Nothing happened secured 1830.
U.S.S. Neches reported sunk night before 130 miles out of Honolulu.
She was in convoy ahead of ours.
Moon lit night and a calm sea.
Turned in 2100.
About 100 miles from Honolulu at 2000.

January 23, 1942

Up at 0545, general quarters at 0600.
Sea calm.
Convoy still all together.
Should arrive Pearl Harbor about 1400 Sunday.
One month ago today since we left Norfolk.
Covered over 7000 miles at sea which is not so bad for a month.
Wrote home.

January 22, 1942

Underway as before.
Reveille at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Sea not so rough.
About 800 miles from Hawaii at 0800.
Nothing unusual happened.
Turned in at 2100.

January 21, 1942

General quarters at 0600.
Sea very rough and stormy.
Fire drill at 1300.
Made about 1200 miles good on San Diego to Pearl Harbor run.
Turned in 2000.

January 20, 1942

Reveille at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Sea very rough and great swells and waves.
Regular routine at sea.
Turned in at 2100.

January 19, 1942

Reveille at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
At 0900 destroyer Alywin reported sound contact with submarine, our ship changed coarse and crew went to battle stations, secured at 1000.
Sea becoming rough and rain.
Nothing unusual.
Turned in at 2100.

January 18, 1942

Underway enroute Pearl Harbor.
Nice Sunday morning at sea.
1100 U.S.S. Pyro and U.S.S. Caster and two destroyers U.S.S. Perkins #377 and U.S.S. Aylwin join convoy. They probably were out of San Francisco.
U.S.S. Kennison and U.S.S. Waters departed.
At 1300 General quarters was sounded.
Submarine periscope was sighted also picked up by listening device on U.S.S. Perkins.
Perkins made to vicinity of where sub was detected and drop 3 depth charges.
Claims submarine was probably sunk as oil and debris came to surface.

January 17, 1942

Underway 0630 and made runs on degausing range
1030 underway for rendezvous at Catalina Island escorted by destroyer Kennison #138
Picked up tanker U.S.S. Neosho and destroyer #115 U.S.S. Waters at Catalina at 1700
Darken ship at sunset.
Turned in at 2000.

January 16, 1942

Moored to dock at foot of Broadway San Diego.
Embarked about 700 recruits and marines from San Diego Training Stn.
Wrote last letter home for a month of so.
Turned in at 2200.

January 15, 1942

Moored to dock at San Diego.

January 14, 1942

Moored to dock at Broadway pier San Diego.
Went ashore and mailed letter to Catherine.

January 13, 1942

Alongside dock at foot of Broadway San Diego.
Took aboard 300 Navy recruits and their baggage.
Duty section stayed aboard.
Turned in 9:00.
Received first mail for 3 weeks which was 34 letters.

January 12, 1942

General Quarters, 0615.
Underway from Panama to San Diego.
Approached Point Loma about 1000 and tied to broadway Pier at 1400.
Went ashore and mailed cards.

January 11, 1942

Reveille 0615.
General quarters 0630.
Turn to 0830.
On the last part of trip from Panama to S.D. made good about 2500 miles so far.
Wrote long letter home.
Nothing unusual, turn in at 2200.
Mailed package home.

January 10, 1942

General quarters at 0615.
Capt's inspection of crew at 1000.
Weather fine and somewhat cooler.
Made about 2000 miles since we left Panama.
Nothing unusual, wrote some more on my letter home.
Turned in at 2130.

January 9, 1942

Friday and underway as before.
Crossing Gulf of Lower California.
Nothing unusual.
Turned in 2100.
Wrote letter and will mail later.

January 8, 1942

Underway as before.
General quarters at 0615.
Sea calm, still warm.
Off Acapulco, Mexico.
Nothing unusual.
Hit the bunk at 2200.

January 7, 1942

Underway as before.
General quarters at 0615.
Fire and abandon ship drill at 1300.
Sea running.
About 80 miles off shore from Salina Cruz Mexico at 2000.
Turned in at 2100.

January 6, 1942

Underway as before.
Sea light swells.
General quarters at 0615.
Off El Salvatore. La Union was there about 20 years ago, a little cooler today.
It seems long since I heard from home.
Turned in at 2100

January 5, 1942

Underway as before.
General Quarters 0615.
Sea glassy smooth, temperature still very warm.
Imagine it is cold at home.
Somewhere off coast of Costa Rica.
made about 400 miles since we started.
Turned in 2100.

January 4, 1942

Daily work routine.
Standing by to get underway at 1100.
Mine breaks loose and delays departure until 1730.
Underway for somewhere onWest Coast possibly.
Stood out with the Barry #248.
Made cruise in 1939 on Barry.

January 3, 1942

Alongside dock.
Capt's inspection.

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January 2, 1942

Alongside dock at Balboa unloading cargo.
Went on liberty to Panama City.
Bot souvenirs and returned to ship at 2000.

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January 1, 1942

New Year Day.
Underway at 0800 and passed thru locks at Atlantic entrance, in Gatun Lake at 1130.
Arrived Balboa 1930.
Spent New Year's in the canal.
Disembarked remainder of soldiers.

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