January 27, 1942

Alongside dock at Pearl Harbor.
Up at 0600, had duty so stayed aboard.
Daily routine.
Turn in at 2300 but had to get up at 0100 start compass and ship stood by to get underway.
Submarine nets were cut and a sub was reported in harbor.
PT boats drop around 50 ash cans and sub was reported destroyed.
Secured at 0230 and turned in again at 0330.

January 26, 1942


Two more cruisers were sank Dec. 7.
Picked up corpse astern of us.
Saw a Jap 3 man submarine was about 75' or 80' in length.
Heard plenty of storys about raid.
Went over to Honolulu at 1200 and returned at 1700.
Bot some souvenirs.
Had an air raid alert but nothing happened.
Many bodies still in ships and many are found every day.
Submarine Narwhal and Nautalus tied opposite us.
C.P.O. from U.S.S. Neches ate dinner with us.
Wrote letter and cards home.

January 25, 1942

General quarters at 0600.
General quarters at 0800.
Submarine periscope reported sighted.
Might have been a black fish.
Secured at 0830.
Two new destroyers U.S.S. Zane and U.S.S. Wasman join convoy and escort convoy thru mine field, aerial patrol overhead look like B-18 army patrol bombers.
Island of Oahu sighted and island of Molakai.
Passed thru channel to Navy yard.
Great havoc caused by the Japs when they raided Pearl Harbor was seen on all sides.
Army hangers were under re-construction.
Bow was a destroyer was on bank.
The Nevada, Oklahoma, the West Virginia, the California were lying half submerged.
The Arizona was sank outside of the channel and was burned badly.
The Saratoga was in drydock having been hit.
Several Tin cans were tied together apparently having been hit.
U.S.S. Crescent City tied up to dock at Navy Yard.

January 24, 1942

Underway as before.
Up at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
General quarters at 1800.
U.S.S. Caster reports sub.
Nothing happened secured 1830.
U.S.S. Neches reported sunk night before 130 miles out of Honolulu.
She was in convoy ahead of ours.
Moon lit night and a calm sea.
Turned in 2100.
About 100 miles from Honolulu at 2000.

January 23, 1942

Up at 0545, general quarters at 0600.
Sea calm.
Convoy still all together.
Should arrive Pearl Harbor about 1400 Sunday.
One month ago today since we left Norfolk.
Covered over 7000 miles at sea which is not so bad for a month.
Wrote home.

January 22, 1942

Underway as before.
Reveille at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Sea not so rough.
About 800 miles from Hawaii at 0800.
Nothing unusual happened.
Turned in at 2100.

January 21, 1942

General quarters at 0600.
Sea very rough and stormy.
Fire drill at 1300.
Made about 1200 miles good on San Diego to Pearl Harbor run.
Turned in 2000.

January 20, 1942

Reveille at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
Sea very rough and great swells and waves.
Regular routine at sea.
Turned in at 2100.

January 19, 1942

Reveille at 0545.
General quarters at 0600.
At 0900 destroyer Alywin reported sound contact with submarine, our ship changed coarse and crew went to battle stations, secured at 1000.
Sea becoming rough and rain.
Nothing unusual.
Turned in at 2100.

January 18, 1942

Underway enroute Pearl Harbor.
Nice Sunday morning at sea.
1100 U.S.S. Pyro and U.S.S. Caster and two destroyers U.S.S. Perkins #377 and U.S.S. Aylwin join convoy. They probably were out of San Francisco.
U.S.S. Kennison and U.S.S. Waters departed.
At 1300 General quarters was sounded.
Submarine periscope was sighted also picked up by listening device on U.S.S. Perkins.
Perkins made to vicinity of where sub was detected and drop 3 depth charges.
Claims submarine was probably sunk as oil and debris came to surface.

January 17, 1942

Underway 0630 and made runs on degausing range
1030 underway for rendezvous at Catalina Island escorted by destroyer Kennison #138
Picked up tanker U.S.S. Neosho and destroyer #115 U.S.S. Waters at Catalina at 1700
Darken ship at sunset.
Turned in at 2000.

January 16, 1942

Moored to dock at foot of Broadway San Diego.
Embarked about 700 recruits and marines from San Diego Training Stn.
Wrote last letter home for a month of so.
Turned in at 2200.

January 15, 1942

Moored to dock at San Diego.

January 14, 1942

Moored to dock at Broadway pier San Diego.
Went ashore and mailed letter to Catherine.

January 13, 1942

Alongside dock at foot of Broadway San Diego.
Took aboard 300 Navy recruits and their baggage.
Duty section stayed aboard.
Turned in 9:00.
Received first mail for 3 weeks which was 34 letters.

January 12, 1942

General Quarters, 0615.
Underway from Panama to San Diego.
Approached Point Loma about 1000 and tied to broadway Pier at 1400.
Went ashore and mailed cards.

January 11, 1942

Reveille 0615.
General quarters 0630.
Turn to 0830.
On the last part of trip from Panama to S.D. made good about 2500 miles so far.
Wrote long letter home.
Nothing unusual, turn in at 2200.
Mailed package home.

January 10, 1942

General quarters at 0615.
Capt's inspection of crew at 1000.
Weather fine and somewhat cooler.
Made about 2000 miles since we left Panama.
Nothing unusual, wrote some more on my letter home.
Turned in at 2130.

January 9, 1942

Friday and underway as before.
Crossing Gulf of Lower California.
Nothing unusual.
Turned in 2100.
Wrote letter and will mail later.

January 8, 1942

Underway as before.
General quarters at 0615.
Sea calm, still warm.
Off Acapulco, Mexico.
Nothing unusual.
Hit the bunk at 2200.

January 7, 1942

Underway as before.
General quarters at 0615.
Fire and abandon ship drill at 1300.
Sea running.
About 80 miles off shore from Salina Cruz Mexico at 2000.
Turned in at 2100.

January 6, 1942

Underway as before.
Sea light swells.
General quarters at 0615.
Off El Salvatore. La Union was there about 20 years ago, a little cooler today.
It seems long since I heard from home.
Turned in at 2100

January 5, 1942

Underway as before.
General Quarters 0615.
Sea glassy smooth, temperature still very warm.
Imagine it is cold at home.
Somewhere off coast of Costa Rica.
made about 400 miles since we started.
Turned in 2100.

January 4, 1942

Daily work routine.
Standing by to get underway at 1100.
Mine breaks loose and delays departure until 1730.
Underway for somewhere onWest Coast possibly.
Stood out with the Barry #248.
Made cruise in 1939 on Barry.

January 3, 1942

Alongside dock.
Capt's inspection.

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January 2, 1942

Alongside dock at Balboa unloading cargo.
Went on liberty to Panama City.
Bot souvenirs and returned to ship at 2000.

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January 1, 1942

New Year Day.
Underway at 0800 and passed thru locks at Atlantic entrance, in Gatun Lake at 1130.
Arrived Balboa 1930.
Spent New Year's in the canal.
Disembarked remainder of soldiers.

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