January 25, 1942

General quarters at 0600.
General quarters at 0800.
Submarine periscope reported sighted.
Might have been a black fish.
Secured at 0830.
Two new destroyers U.S.S. Zane and U.S.S. Wasman join convoy and escort convoy thru mine field, aerial patrol overhead look like B-18 army patrol bombers.
Island of Oahu sighted and island of Molakai.
Passed thru channel to Navy yard.
Great havoc caused by the Japs when they raided Pearl Harbor was seen on all sides.
Army hangers were under re-construction.
Bow was a destroyer was on bank.
The Nevada, Oklahoma, the West Virginia, the California were lying half submerged.
The Arizona was sank outside of the channel and was burned badly.
The Saratoga was in drydock having been hit.
Several Tin cans were tied together apparently having been hit.
U.S.S. Crescent City tied up to dock at Navy Yard.

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